5 Best Single Speed Bikes Review

Best single speed bikes are those that are generally affordable and cost below $500. They too are of very high quality notwithstanding their low cost. Single speed bikes are the basic forms of bikes in that they contain the parts and components of the standard bikes. For this reason, they find relevance and applicability across the board. Users of whichever level of expertise and intention may thus find them suitable for their liking or preference.I will share with you 5 best single speed bikes review in this post.

As of the year 2018, the following are comparative bikes of 5 best single speed bikes:

  • Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike 
  • Critical Cycles Harper Coaster Fixie Style Single Speed Commuter
  • Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike.
  • Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike.
  • 6KU Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Road Bike.
  • Zydek Single Speed Fixie bicycle.
  • Titan Docksider Single Speed Women's Beach Cruiser Bicycle.
  • Vilano Fixed Gear Bike Fixie Single Speed Road Bike.
  • Vilano Edge Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike.
  • Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Road Bike.

5 Best Single Speed Bikes Review

In the following segment, 

1.1. Critical Cycles Harper Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Single Speed Bike

5 Best Single Speed Bikes
  • This bike has premium hand-built steel and a fixed-gear/single-speed Track frame with bar-spin clearance, no toe overlap, and horizontal dropouts.
  • The bike has a flip-flop hub so you can ride when fixed or with a freewheel.
  • The bike is standard with 30mm deep-v rims, wanda commuter tires, KMC chain, VP freestyle pedals, and two sets of brake.
  • Includes all the tools you need for building and maintaining your own bicycle.


  • angle-double-right
    This bike is available in 43cm, 49cm, 53cm, 57cm, and 61cm.
  • angle-double-right
    The harper’s diamond frame is hand-built, tig-welded, and durable.
  • angle-double-right
    The harper has a bar-spin clearance, a flat top tube, no toe overlap, and horizontal dropouts.
  • angle-double-right
    The Harper is equipped with front and rear brakes which enables you to stay in control of your ride and your speed.
  • angle-double-right
    The bike enables you to stop immediately and in a stable position.
  • angle-double-right
    The wanda tires are extra wide for optimized street riding. Measuring 700x23c, they’re thicker, more puncture resistant, and better at absorbing shock.
  • angle-double-right
    The herper has deep-V rims with machined braking surface, a KMC chain, and freestyle pedals which enables smooth riding. This means that there are no interruptions.
  • angle-double-right
    The bike enables you to sit in an upright and relaxed position. This posture is perfectly comfortable and better for your back.• The Harper is relatively simple to navigate.
  • angle-double-right
    If you choose to ride a fixed bike, you will get an excellent workout because you’re constantly moving.
  • angle-double-right
    The bike frame is solid with clean welds but doesn't have much plastic on it. The only plastic parts are the rings that attach the front and rear reflectors to the bike, the wheel reflectors, the brake-line clips and the pedals.
  • angle-double-right
    The bike is a road type since the thin tires definitely let you know if you're on a poorly paved street and you do notice every bump.
  • angle-double-right
    It's quick, stable, easy to control, and the gear ratio is perfectly balanced for speed, ease of start or small hills.
  • angle-double-right
    The frames are all similarly designed, and your choice comes down primarily to color choice.
  • angle-double-right
    With over 8 different color styles, you are bound to find one that catches your eye.
  • angle-double-right
    With the Protek cranks and Promax brakes, you are getting name-brand components that will handle the everyday grind of commuting.
  • angle-double-right
    The flip-flop hub lets you do both fixed-gear and a freewheel pedaling.• The upright handlebar makes for safe city commuting.
  • angle-double-right
    The bike's shape comes together to make a comfortable, nimble cycling package that is ready to handle any urban jungle.
  • angle-double-right
    The use of BMX handlebars on the bike gives it a unique look and the driver a lot of control.


  • angle-double-right
    The phillips screwdriver is required to adjust or remove the reflectors.
  • angle-double-right
    The bike's tools aren't great quality.
  • angle-double-right
    The brakes need some adjustment to get the wheel clearance right.
  • angle-double-right
    A bicycle pump which is needed to inflate the tires is not included.

My Review on This Bike

As Per Our Recommendation of 5 best single speed bikes, This is our first  recommendation.

I recommend you use the harper because it adapts to you and your riding style. This is the best commuter bike because it is equipped with a flip-flop hub for wider riding options. I suggest you use the harper as it has two cogs on opposite sides of the rear wheel, single-speed with a freewheel and fixed-gear and the bike also arrives with the single-speed side installed. For this reason, I suggest you get a harper since you can ride it as a conventional bicycle and also cruise it forwad without having to pedal.

I suggest you ride fixed by simply removing, flipping around, and remounting the back wheel. When you ride fixed, you are most connected to your bicycle. This is because with every movement you make, your bike moves. I recommended you to pedal the fixed bike in this 5 best single speed bikes review so that you can move.

1.2. Vilano Edge Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike 

5 Best Single Speed Bikes
  • The frame is made of tig welded and includes both fixed Gear and Single Speed and are made up of 700c Hi-tensile steel.
  • The front and rear brakes are made of alloy Caliper.
  • Wheelset is 45mm Deep-V double wall with anodized tires which are 700c x 28c.
  • The front hub and the rear hub are anodized.
  • The vilano has a Flip-Flop and headsets.
  • Seatpost is made of alloy 25.4 x 300mm.
  • The saddle is urban.
  • Stem is made of alloy 7° rise.
  • The bike has free Platform Pedals included.


  • angle-double-right
    The frame is solid, durable and very light.
  • angle-double-right
    Just like the other bikes, vilano is easily transportable.
  • angle-double-right
    The bike rides smooth and with no noise.
  • angle-double-right
    Vilano is perfect for riding around campus, to work, or downtown.
  • angle-double-right
    Vilano urban fixie is available in many colors.
  • angle-double-right
    The rear wheel has a flip flop hub that makes it easy to change from single speed to fixed gear.
  • angle-double-right
    The flip flop hub makes it easy to switch.
  • angle-double-right
    The forged alloy crankset w/ 46T has a replaceable chainring.
  • angle-double-right
    The vilano has a 4130 steel that will ride well without being too heavy.
  • angle-double-right
    The bull horn handlebars are comfortable and speedy.


  • angle-double-right
    Vilano does not offer as much variety in colors and styles as some of the other bikes.
  • angle-double-right
    Stock brakes are okay but they keep loosening up once in awhile so you will have to tighten up. This maintenance is costly in the long run.
  • angle-double-right
    Expect to spend some more money down the road for a new rear bearing.
  • angle-double-right
    The bike has scratched rims and horribly installed brakes.

My Review on This Bike

This is our Second  recommendation of this 5 best single speed bikes review.

I recommend the use of vilano bike because it allows you to change from single speed to fixed gear. I suggest the use of this bike because the construction is pretty easy and you can be assured to get full and proper tools. I also encourage you to take the bike to your local shop if you are unsure of how bikes are assembled.

I suggest you get yourself this bike since it is very affordable. The tires and brakes are much cheap and also functional. I encourage you to replace the tires if you do have a problem while riding the bike. The pedals are also cheap. I also suggest that you own this bike since the edge comes ready to ride as a single speed and you can also flip the rear wheel for fixed gear. I suggest you get the single speed since it's an eye-catcher.

1.3. Dublin Fixie Single Speed Bike

5 Best Single Speed Bikes
  • Race-inspired track geometry.
  • Front and rear dual caliper brakes.
  • 43mm Deep V Rims.


  • angle-double-right
    The bike has bullhorn Bars for maximum comfort.
  • angle-double-right
    The bike has flip-flop hub that lets you ride as a single speed or fixed gear.
  • angle-double-right
    The brakes are not super but they are more than adequate for most condition.
  • angle-double-right
    The handles come with wrapping.
  • angle-double-right
    The bike comes with both front and rear hand brakes.
  • angle-double-right
    The solid Dublin bike is light but tough.


  • angle-double-right
    The stock tires are 23mm tires and are not for off-road use since they are very skinny.
  • angle-double-right
    The bike is much too heavy because the frame is made of CRMO (4130 Chromoly steel).

My Review on This Bike

This dublin fixie bikes is third choice of Our 5 best single speed bikes.

I suggest you use this bike since the handles are excellent. It is a great, inexpensive fixed gear bike and this makes it affordable so I recommend you buy it. I suggest new users to ride the fixed gear bike in a safe place before taking it to the streets to avoid minor accidents. 

I recommend you to get a frame that is not too big. I recommend you ride this bike because you can adjust the seat post and other components, such as the stem to get the best fit.You will get all bikes info from this content of 5 best single speed bikes. I suggest that if you want to ride on a busy road, then use the smaller size because it enables faster maneuverability.

1.4. Retrospec Mantra V2 Urban Commuter Single Speed Bike

Riding a bike in the off-road conditions requires a very tough, sturdy, and resilient road bike. This is to guarantee high performance and reduced predisposition to injuries and fall offs. This road bike, which is going to be reviewed in details below, is one such a bike.

5 Best Single Speed Bikes
  • Top tube length is about 55-56cm.
  • Integrated .
  • Hydro 
  • Shimano 


  • angle-double-right
    The frame is solid, feels substantial and not too heavy.
  • angle-double-right
    The frame also has clean welds, and a nice, durable paint job with just the right amount of detail.
  • angle-double-right
    Wheelset chain is tensioned properly and oiled well enough for a ride.em, and wide pedals.
  • angle-double-right
    ​The pedals, saddle and handlebars are quite easy.
  • angle-double-right
    The bike's brake calipers are ProMax and they work very well.
  • angle-double-right
    Tires are Kenda Kwest but are actually very comfortable.
  • angle-double-right
    The saddle fits behind the bike very perfectly.
  • angle-double-right
    If you ride it in freewheel mode, the handbrakes will wear the paint off the tires, so you'll have a metalic colored strip between the tire and the rim, which doesn't look so bad, but it's something to plan for.
  • angle-double-right
    If you ride fixie and just backpedal or skid to stop, your wheel rims will keep looking good.
  • angle-double-right
    It is super quite and super fast. It takes a little extra work to get going at first, but once you are up there in speed, it is super fast.
  • angle-double-right
    Stock gear ratio is 2.875 (46/16) which is good for urban commuting road speed.
  • angle-double-right
    The seat is hard but replaceable.


  • angle-double-right
    The bike's brake pad is of very poor quality.
  • angle-double-right
    ​You will need to buy new brake levers if you need a longer stem or wider handlebars.
  • angle-double-right
    The rubber handlebar grips never stay completely seated on the bar end.
  • angle-double-right
    Lots of parts are bad plastic quality that falls apart after three uses.
  • angle-double-right
    The bike is way too expensive for what it gives you.
  • angle-double-right
    Some bike's front wheel have some dents on the spokes and some weird things within the tire itself.
  • angle-double-right
    The extra large bike is not perfect for someone with the height of 6'2 .

My Review on This Bike

Retrospec Mantra V2 Urban Commuter Single Speed Bike is our fourth choice of our 5 best single speed bikes review.

I recommend anyone who rides in all weather to have rear braze-ons. I suggest you own this bike because the pedals have the best quality. I encourage you to get this high quality bike since the frame is solid enough. I suggest you get this bike since the components are very cheap and affordable. I suggest you don't buy the standard brake cables sold in the United States since they will not fit in these cheap brake levers.

 I recommend the use of this bike since decent quality tools are provided, but you can choose to use a torque wrench if you own one. I recommend the use of bike geometry for people who are used to a more upright position since it is very comfortable.

1.5. Framed Lifted Blue/White/Yellow 52cm Fixie Single Speed Bike

5 Best Single Speed Bikes
  • Brake style is linear pull.
  • The colour is blue, white and yellow.
  • The weight of the bike is 30 pounds.
  • The bike's frame material is steel.
  • The number of speeds is one.
  • The bike size is 52 cm.
  • The frame is 700Cx28C, Hi-ten, TIG welded with a size of 520mmx40pcs and 560mmx60pcs.
  • 700C steel rigid fork, with steel steerer tube,TIG welded.• The bike has parts of 10pcs headset.
  • The spacer is 3pcs.
  • The bike has a sealed bottom bracket.
  • The bikes chain wheel has 1/8"x46Tx170mm, steel black chainring and alloy black cranks.
  • The bike has a steel low rise bar with a width of 540mm.
  • The bike has Alloy A-head 4-bolt stem with 90mm extension.• The bike's front hub and rear hub are made of Alloy silver, 14Gx36H.
  • The bike has 14G steel spoke, with steel nipple.
  • The bike's freewheel is made of steel, 16T.
  • The bike has 700C alloy triple wall rim, 14GX36H, with a height of 40mm.
  • The bike has 700Cx28C, F/R Puncture free tires.
  • The bike has Butyl tube.
  • The bike's front brakes and rear brakes are alloy u-brakes.
  • The bike has alloy brake lever, resin bracket.
  • The pedals are made of full alloy,9/16", with ball which have CPSC reflectors.
  • The saddle is PU padded and black.
  • The bike has a seat post made of alloy rigid and is 300mm.
  • The bike also has an alloy seat clamp.


  • angle-double-right
    This bike is a new, unused item with absolutely no signs of wear and tear.
  • angle-double-right
    The bike is from a manufacturer-approved vendor. This means the product has been inspected, cleaned, and repaired to meet manufacturer specifications and is in excellent condition.
  • angle-double-right
    The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended.
  • angle-double-right
    Increased Power Output: 


  • angle-double-right
    The item may be missing the original packaging, or in the original packaging but not sealed.
  • angle-double-right
    The item may be a factory second or a new, unused item with defects.
  • angle-double-right
    The bike could be an item that has been used previously.

My Review on This Bike

In this 5 best single speed bikes review, This is our last fifth choice.

Considering it is new and very great, I suggest you get this bike since it is a unique comfort type bike. I recommend you get this brand new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging. I encourage women to not use this bike since it is designed for men only.

I suggest that before you get this bike, make sure that the packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag, just make sure that you see the seller's listing for full details.

2. Why Use a Single Speed Bike?-5 Best Single Speed Bikes

The following are the main reasons as to why you should buy a single speed bike soon:


This kind of bike lacks the very complicated parts, components, and operational procedures. You will, therefore, find it quite simple to familiarize yourself. You will also effectively control it too.

Pedaling Efficiency: 

100% of the energy that is generated at the pedals by you is transferred to the chain, and subsequently, to the rear wheel. Hardly any power is lost, and as such, the bike is very efficient.

Easy Maintenance: 

Owing to its lack of sophisticated parts and components, the bike is generally easier to maintain. This trait also brings along the attendant benefits of low costs to you since less money is expended in owning and managing it.

Excellent Braking Mechanism: 

The brakes of the single speed bike are very responsive indeed. The reaction time of the brakes i.e. the time interval that the brakes take to fully bring the fast moving bikes to a complete stop is very small indeed. This safeguards you from the associated dangers of collisions, skidding, or petty accidents.

Easier to Master: 

The single speed bike is the first stop for all bicycle riders. This means that before a new rider upgrades to the other more sophisticated types of bikes they will ordinarily have to start with the single speed as it is easier to master.

Low Weight: 

It generally weighs less than the other more sophisticated kinds of bikes by possessing fewer parts and components. This low weight means you will experience very easy steering and movement out and about the chosen path.

Minimal Repairs: 

Fewer parts and components also mean comparatively fewer breakdowns and subsequent repairs by you. For this reason, you will derive plenty of peace of mind you require to fully enjoy the benefits that the bike may have to confer.


You will generally spend less in purchasing a standard single speed bike than you would acquire the other kinds of bikes. So, regardless of your financial resource endowment, you can be sure that there is a single speed bike out there for you.


This kind of bike grants you the freedom and the ability to attach several accessories and thereby improve its functionality i.e. the range of uses to which it may be put. By opting for it, you stand to accrue much more benefits than you pay for it.


Its lack of comfortable features translates to great difficulties in steering and riding the bike. This is a very excellent way of staying fit as it induces a great deal of pain to the muscles.

3. Different Types of Bikes- 5 Best Single Speed Bikes

Different kinds of bikes do abound. Listed and explained below are but a few of them:

Single Speed Bikes:

As has already been stated, the single speed bike is a kind of bicycle that comprises a single gear ratio. They are devoid of any methods of varying the bike's gear ratio such as the derailleur and the hub. They are mainly designed for small children, beginners, fitness enthusiasts, and for general commuting.You can read our 10 best single speed bikes.

Multi-Speed Bikes::

These are bikes that contain several gears. They are more complex than the single-speed bikes. They preserve tension within the chain by use of a spring-loaded arm. The transmission of torque is made possible by the cable that is connected to a shaft and which pulls the derailleur arm towards or away from the bike. This action subsequently pulls the chain upwards and downwards from the rear cassette or the front chain rings. It can vary the speed and torque of the bike as much as possible.

Fixed Gear Bike:

A fixed gear bike is one that comprises a drive-train but lacks a freewheel mechanism. Its pedals lack the ability to remain stationary while the bike is in motion.Because its sprocket is bolted directly to the hub of the rear wheel. This bike may move in both directions i.e. front wheel and the back wheels respectively

4. The Single Speed Bike-5 Best Single Speed Bikes

Apart from the key reasons for buying the single speed bike outlined and explained above, you will also derive the following benefits out of the acquisition of this bike:


  • Less Friction: By possessing fewer parts and components, this kind of bike is prone to less friction and with it, comparatively less energy loss.
  • Less Energy: You will generally be required to expend less energy to generate the rotational force needed to propel the bike forward. This leads to less fatigue and longer riding hours.
  • Less Noise: The fewer parts and components also mean less noise.You, therefore, stand to enjoy quiet and comfortable rides.
  • Seamless Maneuverability: It is generally easier to move this bike out and about a given trajectory or path. This kind of bike, therefore, allows you to negotiate sharp corners, winding paths, and congested pathways with ease.
  • Great for Commuting: Its lightweight means you may ride it for long without feeling fatigued. The bike is therefore great for daily commuting.
  • Universal Applicability: Just about any other kind of user ranging from complete novices to intermediate, and finally to the professional experts may find this bike suitable for their unique circumstances.
  • Less Tiresome: This bike does not require you constantly pedal it throughout a riding session. You are thus spared of any unnecessary fatigue in the course of its use. You may, therefore, ride it for longer
  • Roadworthy: Due to its possession of reflectors, light bulbs, and mud guards, this bike may be riding in busy highways and at night without any danger of getting involved in a road accident at all.
  • Great for Learning: If you are barely getting started in bike riding, then the single speed is yours for the taking. It is simple to master, ride, and engage and as such, offers excellent learning opportunities.
  • Great for Familiarization: Apart from merely learning how to ride a bike, the single speed bike also allows you to familiarize yourself with the terrain, trail, and ambiance of your preferred cycling area with minimal inconvenience.


  • Less Prestigious: Its lack of elegant features makes it less prestigious. It is not the kind of bike you would bank your hopes on for added aesthetics.
  • Less Effective: Due to its lack of derailleur and gears, it is not possible for this bike to ply tough terrain or rugged terrain.
  • Less Durable: On the whole, this bike has a shorter lifespan compared to the other kinds of bikes under this review.
  • Low Torque: The maximum amount of rotational force that may be generated by the bike is quite low. This bike may hence not allow you to climb a hill; you will have to disembark and tow it to the hilltop.
  • Plenty of Effort: Its lack of free-wheel mechanism means it may not coast and as such, requires plenty of human effort to power throughout its use.

5. The Multi-Speed Bikes- 5 Best Single Speed Bikes

The following are some of the benefits you may expect to derive out of the use of this bike:


  • Comfortable: This bike allows you to vary its speed and torque appropriately in response to the prevailing terrain or path. You will be spared of any unnecessary delays since you won't have to disembark the bike at any time.
  • Convenient: Owing to its ability to respond appropriately to the various kinds of terrain and driving conditions, you are assured of maximum convenience.
  • Faster: This bike generally takes shorter to reach a destination as compared to the single speed type. This is due to its ability to reach higher speeds courtesy of its high gear ratio.
  • Efficient: On the whole, this bike carries out its core role of transporting riders with maximum efficiency indeed. This is made possible mainly by its ability to vary the speed and torque respectively.
  • Prestigious: This kind of bike generally features a very sleek appearance and other elegant features. By acquiring and owning it, you also stand to accrue some level of prestige from among your peers.
  • Value for Money: Owing to its ability to exude many benefits at a go, you stand to derive as much value for the money you invested as possible. It is hence a very worthy purchase indeed.
  • Terrain: With this kind of bike, you may confront any terrain, ranging from flat paths to winding paths, to hilly areas, and finally, sloppy areas. This is due to its ability to vary both torque and speed of travel.
  • Minimal Effort: Its gears have the ability to ‘magnify' rotational force. This means you may inject less force on the pedals and gain greater force on the wheels. It, therefore, allows you to do more work with little effort.
  • All Weather: Just like it is usable in every terrain, this bike may also be used in all weather conditions. This is because it can confront mud, snow, dust, and sleet perfectly well.
  • Long-term Reliability: Ordinarily, most of its parts and components are made of very tough materials that are resilient to the everyday elements of wear and tear. You may, therefore, count on this bike to deliver to your expectations in the long run.


  • Intricate: You will have to master a few technical jargons to fully comprehend and operate this bike effectively.
  • Limited Applicability: The multi-speed bike is only suitable for use by experts in the field of bicycle riding. Beginners and novices may not find much use of the bike at all.
  • Expensive: It is by far the most expensive and unaffordable of all the bikes under this consideration.
  • Regular Maintenance: It is packed with so many features that are prone to periodic breakdowns. This will necessitate you to perform regular maintenance, which, needless to say, brings along added costs.
  • Large Storage Space: Owing to the bike's bulky nature, you will have to set aside large storage space to accommodate it when not in use. Woe unto you, in case you live in a condominium or crowded household!

6.  The Fixed Gear Bikes-5 Best Single Speed Bikes

The fixed gear bike has the following benefits and indeed, so much more:


  • Easy to Stop: Putting this bike into a complete halt is pretty simple. It improves the ability to do so by the hand brakes as well as the pedals.
  • Constant Cruising Speed: Unlike the other kinds of bikes, the fixed gear type enables you the rider to cruise at a more or less constant speed. This is due to its ability to resist friction and other impediments to motion.
  • Maximum Speed Cap: It may generally achieve higher speeds than the single bike or the other kinds of bikes. You will, therefore, arrive at your destination faster than would have been the case with other bikes.
  • Compact Size: On the whole, this bike lacks so many features of a standard bike. This means it is generally compact in size and also calls for less storage space.
  • Excellent for Racing: If you are intent on acquiring a bike exclusively for racing, then the fixed gear bike is yours for the taking. That's because it s very much suited for the task.
  • Less Maintenance: Owing to its possession of fewer parts and components, it is less prone to damages or breakdowns and hence requires less maintenance.
  • Ideal for Fitness: Keeping your legs fit may be carried out easily with this bike. This stems from the fact that your legs will constantly be moving throughout a riding session.
  • Lighter: By possessing fewer parts and components, the bike is generally lighter than both the single speed and the multi speed kinds. It thus allows you to carry it out seamlessly and about as the need may so require.
  • Safer: Fewer people know how to ride this kind of bike. For this reason, thieves will hardly contemplate stealing it, and as such, it is very safe to own.
  • More Customizable: This bike allows you to attach various accessories that may all improve its functionality i.e. the range of uses to which it may be put. You, therefore, stand to derive much more benefits in the long run.


  • Difficult to Accelerate: This kind of bike is very difficult to accelerate especially if it is fixed on the low gear ratio. You will thus find it almost impossible to vary its cruising speed once you have already started it.
  • Difficult to Decelerate: Just as it is impossible to accelerate, it is also difficult to reduce the speed of this bike once you have started it.
  • Hard to Start: If the bike is fixed on the high gear ratio, you will find it quite difficult to start especially in congested areas.
  • Usability in Difficult Terrain: You will generally find it a bit difficult to maneuver this bike in tough and winding terrain not unless you are a very expert rider who is also acutely aware of that particular ground.
  • Unsuitable for Beginners: This is not the bike for beginners. In case you are barely getting started or are struggling to perfect your riding skills, you may have to look elsewhere.

7.  Single Speed and Fixed Fear Option-5 Best Single Speed Bikes 

The single speed and fixed gear options differ in the following regards

Top Speed

On the whole, the fixed gear bikes may attain much higher speeds than the single speed bikes. This stems from the fact they are continually propelled throughout a riding session as opposed to the single speed bikes that are occasionally left to freewheel.

Braking Mechanism

Owing to their inability to freewheel, the fixed gear bikes may be stopped by both the hand brakes and the pedals (the pedals may be engaged backward to halt the bike. The single speed, on the other hand, may only be halted by use of hand brakes along. This means fixed gears are more efficient to halt than their single speed counterparts.

Ride Quality

The single speed bikes may be pedaled and freewheeled at the same time. The fixed gear bikes, on the other hand, may only be pedaled as they lack the ability to freewheel.


The single speed bikes are suitable for all kinds of persons, irrespective of their competences. As a matter of fact, they are the starting point for all bicycle riders. The fixed gear, on the other hand, is mainly appropriate for experts in the field of bicycle riding.


The single speed bikes may converte to several uses other than transporting the rider alone. The fixed gear is however primarily used for relaxation and fitness, nothing more

8. Decide What Type of Rider You are - 5 Best Single Speed Bikes

Bikes are generally suited for various purposes. These include mere locomotion, transportation of luggage, fitness, adventure, leisure, and regular commuting, to mention but a few! They are further uniquely designed to carry out the specific purposes for which they are intended.To take a perfect decision, We have shared with you this 5 best single speed bikes review.

For you to derive as much value as possible from them, you will have to decide what type of a rider you are. To do this pretty effectively, you will have to answer the following pertinent questions:

"What exactly do I intend to use the bike for?"

"How often do I intend to ride the bike?"

"What is the nature of the terrain in which I intend to ride the bike on?"

"What is my general level of expertise?"

"Am I a learner, beginner, intermediate, or professional expert?"

PS: In case you are uncertain about the type of rider you are, or if you intend to utilize the bike for several purposes at a time, then you are strongly advised to attempt the single speed bike. That's because this bike may be utilized for several purposes. Moreover, it is also suitable for use by various cadres of persons.

9. FAQs - 5 Best Single Speed Bikes

Q1: . How are the gears of multi-speed bikes changed?

Q2. What is coasting as related to bike riding?

Q3. I bought a new 3-gear bike. When may engage the various gears?

Q4. Under what circumstances may the fixed gear bike be necessary?

Q5. Are the free wheel and fixed gear the same thing?

10. Final Verdict - 5 Best Single Speed Bikes

As may be deduced from the review above, the single speed bikes are indeed good possessions. Regardless of your motive or unique circumstance, you will find these bikes convenient and quite relevant to your needs. You, therefore, have no choice but to acquire one and incorporate it as a core part and parcel of your itinerary.

Time is of the essence indeed. Any slight delay in making such a crucial decision as regards the purchase of any bike may, therefore, prove catastrophic ahead. That being the case, why not consider trying any of the products above?

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