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Steel Stealth Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike Review

Are you looking for a commuter bike that is fast and reliable? Well, this right here is your answer. The Steel Stealth is a best single speed bike that can be used to move around town, going to work or school. It is made with a simple design that eliminates unnecessary accessories that you would […]

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Critical Classic Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike Review

Critical Cycles is reputed for its reasonably priced mid-line road cycles. In particular, the Fixed Gear Single Speed with Pista Drop handle is among the best Fixies in the market, allowing both new and advanced cyclists to enjoy a perfect urban commuting, recreational riding, or endurance cycling.It is one of the most trusted modes of […]

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Retrospec Mantra Single Speed Fixie Bike Review

Are you looking for the best bike that you can ride with ease and enjoy a minimal maintenance? Well, the Mantra Fixie from Retrospect is your best bet. This bike allows you to ride in either fixie mode or freewheeling mode. All its parts are made of high quality spare parts sourced from trusted manufacturers. […]

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Giordano Rapido Single Speed Bike Review

Are considering buying the best single speed bike that is lightweight and reliable? The Giordano Rapido fits perfectly description because of its amazing features. You also do not need to spend a fortune to enjoy this great bike. In this review, we will look at some of the things that make this bike great. It […]

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Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike Review

Do you remember when you were younger and how much fun it was to ride your bike to your friend’s house? Maybe you rode it to the park and the ice cream stand. Some even rode their bikes to school. Your bike was a simple single speed with no fancy ten gears. You can relive […]

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