Critical Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Road Bike Review

Are you looking for the best single speed bike at a budget price? Well, in this review we are going to look at this Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike. It is easy to assemble and it comes with all tools that are needed to assemble it. This bike lets you enjoy the urban environment without having to rely on your car or public transport.

It is also available in seven other different colors. Apart from the handle bar which you may have to change, the rest of the frame has a hardy construction. This delivers a lot more than you would expect from its price in terms of performance. The single gear is well balanced. Therefore, you will not have to struggle when cycling on roads that slightly steep.

1. Critical Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Road Bike Review

Light in Weight

This urban bike has a minimalist design and uses alloy rims which are strong and lightweight. That makes it enjoyable to ride as most of the peddling effort is used to bear your weight. That is something most bikes that are full of accessories miss out. The weight of a bike is an important factor if you have to rely on a bike for your daily transportation. The use of alloy rims makes them resistant to corrosion and rust. That assures you that their structural integrity will be maintained throughout their lifecycle.

Brand Name Components

This bike is made of outsourced and branded components, which makes it affordable without losing out on quality. Some of its branded parts include Wanda tires, Neco Bottom Bracket and Headset, KMC Chain, Pro-Maz Brakes, Protek 3-Piece Crank that comes with a Lightweight Alloy Chainwheel. All these components are made by different manufacturers that have been carefully chosen. They give the bike a quality as well as affordable design. Outsourcing the parts reduces the overall production cost but maintains the kind of quality you would expect of an urban bike.

Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike

Hand built Frame

The fixed single gear frame of this bike is hand-built, making it one of the best in terms of reliability and durability. Most mass produced products that are produced in an automated environment share each and every characteristic. That includes manufacturer defects that are easily replicated in an automated production environment. The bike's frame does not suffer from that setback because each individual frame is hand-made. The frame also does not have a Toe overlap or horizontal Drop Outs. It also has a great Bar-Spin Clearance.

Multiple Sizes and Tools

This bike comes in multiple sizes which are Small, Medium, and Large. The small size has a 59 cm frame, the medium sized one has a 53 cm frame while the large one has a 57 cm frame. The frame and tires are available in multiple color combinations. That means that you will not miss out on your favorite color combination. Last but not least, this bike comes with all the tools your need to assemble it. Once you get it, tighten everything properly. That will make sure nothing comes loose once you start to ride it.

Features & Specifications

  • The bike is made branded parts made by reputable manufacturers.
  • The parts of the bike such as the alloy rims are light and durable.
  • It comes in different colors; you are therefore guaranteed of getting a color you like.
  • Most of its parts are lightweight, that means less of your energy is wasted as you ride the bike.
  • The minimalist design makes this bike a great option for use by students and workers.


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    It is affordable and you can easily improve it by upgrading parts such as the handle bar.
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    The frame is hand-made while the rims are made of an aluminium alloy.
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    You can assemble it all by yourself.
  • angle-double-right
    It comes in multiple colors for you to choose from.
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    All its parts are branded and sourced from reputable manufacturers.


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    This is not a high-end bike; however, you can easily upgrade it.
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    You may need to replace the handle bar.
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    It has a fixed gear; you therefore cannot ride it up a hilly street.
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    This bike cannot be used for racing or sporting unless you upgrade it. The upgradable parts include the fixed gear, handle bar, and tires.

2. FAQs : Critical Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Road Bike Review

Q1: How heavy is this bike?

Q2. Does this bike come with fender?

Q3. How long should I expect the tires to hold on before they go bald?

3. Final Verdict: Critical Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Road Bike Review

This is the best single speed bike for everyday use. It is not meant for racing or sporting. However it is great for transportation and daily exercise. It is also lightweight, which is great if you may need to carry it, for example to store it in the basement. If you need to use it for tasks that might require fast acceleration, then you may upgrade to a variable gear system and the handle bar as well. If you need a bike that is meant to take you around the neighbourhood or campus, then this is the bike to buy. I would recommend it for regular usage.

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